[ idtech4 ] 2 ghosts I – GUI’s

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This pack contains all the videos You see on screens in the first scene. Since the quality had to be high, they are big, and that’s the explanation for this horrendous size.


­Download ZIP file [ 252 MB ]


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­PK4 files are just standard archives – they can be unpacked with f.e. WinRAR.

­NOTE: These files will be interesting for idtech4 modders only.

The dimensions are 512×512 and You can find in this pack video of the murder, desktop screen with scrolling text, or few variations of high quality noise. In screen1.roq there’s an easter egg almost unnoticeable in intro sequence

Files are hosted on Enhanced Militarized Zone D3 mod site, thanks to Simulation, leader of the project.

Assets are completely free to use in any way, shape or form.



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