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Swipe to the sides to view original CoC levels on the left
and their updated versions from Anomaly on the right

Since level is placed far in the south in close proximity to Darkscape and Dark Valley, which are woody areas with tall trees, Cordon received slightly more dense forrest surroundings, corresponding to it’s neighbour locations. In the north, where Garbage got reclaimed by nature almost as a whole, density of trees is little higher.

Cordon – Call of ChernobylCordon – Anomaly


The Great Swamps
Swamps, as still a highly wet area, received willow trees near water basins. North passage to Agroprom blends swamps specific foliage into tall trees, which are characteristic to dry south biome of Cordon and corresponding areas.

Great Swamps 1 - Call of ChernobylGreat Swamps 1 - Anomaly

Great Swamps 1 – Call of ChernobylGreat Swamps 2 – Anomaly

Since Anomaly visual style aims for a realistic depiction of the current Zone, which got almost completely taken over by nature, Pripyat received more foliage and it’s characteristic poplar trees, which dominate whole abandoned city in real life as well.

While buildings in 1.5.0 are still based upon original GSC maps, the iconic central square structures got back their broken neons with their names. Polissya hotel roof got rebuilded completely and now is 90% accurate to real life derelict.

Surroundings got expanded with more dense foliage, proper placement of nearby 16-floor buildings, and also flat low res CNPP mockup in the north is now complete 3D low poly and engine light mesh.

Pripyat 1 – Call of ChernobylPripyat 1 – Anomaly

Pripyat 2 – Call of ChernobylPripyat 2 – Anomaly

Pripyat 3 – Call of ChernobylPripyat 3 – Anomaly


Pripyat Outskirts
East Pripyat urban area is currently highly populated with bushes and poplars, level surroundings are also covered with dense foliage – because real life Pripyat is now basically abandoned city in the middle of the forrest.

Kurchatova 3 building near Pripyat Port Caffe received explorable insides, introduced in CoC 1.5 R6, however whole broken geometry got fixed and modified to correspond to the real life building. It’s roof is accesible now as well, from where You can view whole Outskirts panorama on clear weather – including nearby Pripyat centre, which now looks exactly like actual neighbour level.

Pripyat Outskirts 1 – Call of ChernobylPripyat Outskirts 1 – Anomaly

Pripyat Outskirts 2 – Call of ChernobylPripyat Outskirts 2 – Anomaly


Most prominent update is obviously sister of Eye of the Moscow – now Duga-3 radar complex is mirror copy of the real life Duga-2 radar. Same as original “mini” version, Duga-3 is partially destroyed and covered with cables and wires of unknown origin.

Limansk also received forrest surroundings, civilian buildings near antenna got replaced with industrial complex structures of Radiowave Institute, which already are planned to be vastly expanded and explorable in future 1.6 release.

Limansk 1 – Call of ChernobylLimansk 1 – Anomaly

Limansk 2 – Call of ChernobylLimansk 2 – Anomaly

Empty and bald hills surrounding Jupiter are now highly forrested areas. Pripyat mockup, which consisted of few randomly placed buildings and ferris wheel, now corresponds exactly to the surroundings visible during exploration of actual Central Pripyat level.

Instead of being just a very modest city skyline representation, east area now completely reflects nearby Pripyat, along with iconic Polissya roof, giving visual impression of actual city nearby, to which player can travel.

Jupiter 1 – Call of ChernobylJupiter 1 - Anomaly

Jupiter 2 - Call of ChernobylJupiter 2 - Anomaly

Garbage, as abandoned transit area, not only got reclaimed completely by nature but also surrounding hills got covered with more, well, industrial garbage. Tall trees are gradually getting dominated by poplar trees, characteristic to the locations located in the north.
Garbage 1 – Call of ChernobylGarbage 1 – Anomaly

Garbage 2 – Call of ChernobylGarbage 2 – Anomaly

Dark Valley
As the name suggest, location is placed in the valley – and level received much more prominent west and south high hills, with dense forrest.
Dark Valley 1 – Call of ChernobylDark Valley 1 – Anomaly

Dark Valley 1 – Call of ChernobylDark Valley 2 – Anomaly

CNPP North
Empty north part of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant external area received very detailed surroundings based on the real life location. Apart from dense forrest, characteristic nearby buldings, inlcuding Power Plant Fire Station near Generators passage, are now clearly visible, making area much more interesting during exploration of the outsides of the Sarkofag. In the north east on clear weather even material transit train station can be noticed, along with it’s office buildings.
CNPP North 1 – Call of ChernobylCNPP North 2 – Anomaly

CNPP North 2 – Call of ChernobylCNPP North 2 – Anomaly

Since Generators are located in close proximity of CNPP, Power Plant is now visible in it’s proper location in relation to Generators themselves. Area is also surrounded by dense forrest now.
Generators 1 - Call of ChernobylGenerators 1 - Anomaly

Generators 2 - Call of ChernobylGenerators 2 - Anomaly


Army Warehouses
Army Warehouses, as a transition between south and north biome, is covered with mixed forrest. Level borders very clearly visible before, are now vastly expanded with forrest, bringing immersion to the playthrough.

Army Warehouses 1 – Call of ChernobylArmy Warehouses 1 – Anomaly

Army Warehouses 2 – Call of ChernobylArmy Warehouses 2 – Anomaly

Pretty cool results for just few months of work on levels. I forgot about Yantar, didn’t I? 😉
Thanks to our whole small development team for all the help with making those possible – I always dreamed about Stalker game, in which I would feel like at home. Never imagined I will actually be able to build it with my own hands. Special thanks for Ceasar, who laid enormous foundation, making all level expansions and updates possible, and for Meatchunk, with whom we’re still at work to bring to people the best posssible Stalker experience in their lives.

Full, stand-alone game is available completely for free under this link.
Now, get out of here, stalker.


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