Disturbance - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

Welcome to Of Secrets

The site, where You can find some of the things I’m creating in free time. I love experimenting with 3D, so i figured – why not share everything through the web?


What are You working with everyday?

Few words about Yourself?

Maciej MałochaRecluse, autodidact expanding skills all the time, workaholic, night owl liking smokes and good, strong drink on weekend. Fan of Alien (1979) and sci-fi in general, addicted to electronic, industrial & rock music.

I also love raccoons.

“Nobody’s perfect. We’re only human. There’s no such thing as a perfect human. In an insane world a sane man… must… appear… insane.”

Why ‘of secrets’?

Anything else?

“(…) But even that is avoiding the real horror. The horror is this: In the end, it is simply a picture of empty meaningless blackness. We are alone. There is nothing else.”


Hopefully this stream of boring, hack creations of mine will be interesting enough for You to come back from time to time :3