Back from the dead

September 24, 2015   in category: Blog  ,

My machine is back! You scared me a little my dear, rusty friend.


No One is Calm – Of Secrets


Test drive at various speeds: checked.
Test drive with additional weight (although very small :P) on passenger seat: checked.
Test of handbrakes during quick turns: checked.
Correct amount of all fluids after sewing ripped apart rubber veins: checked.

We lived together, we got beaten up together, we rode together, we sang together in the middle of the night, screaming accompanied by loud engine growls. We did many weird as fuck things together. Some of which only few people know about. Some of which no one will ever know about.

Laying hands on steering wheel again and feeling breathing under the hood felt great. Felt like… home. And yes, I also have no idea what we’ll do now, my steel companion.

Let’s not think about it. And hit the road again. So much unspoken. Words left for dead.



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