Dreams of Reverie

January 11, 2016   in category: Blog  , ,

It’s about time to jump back into Hammer again. With new materials, FINALLY understanding proxies and dynamic blends, and also discovering func_detail prefarbs can be made from many world objects… building ruins (haha, yeah) is much faster. All thanks to hard practice on custom Empty Places enviroment.

Lost Photograph - Of Secrets

I also revisited Shadow of Chernobyl, now with Oblivion Lost mod and fuck, what a wonderful update on already amazing game. Poured several hours into gameplay to make abandoned city entrance available – for sightseeing. Totally worth it.

I’m guessing level creators had some outside pressure to make changes, because Central Square is very inaccurate when compared to real life buildings. Mine… definitely will be better. Got lots of inspiration lately.

So, level still in the works, hopefully not for long, I can’t wait to release this thing. Apart from that… it kind of feels like making someones wish come true a little bit. Poor Strelok had fought his way through the Zone for that.



Calm Night - Of Secrets


It feels good, being remembered. Yeah, sometimes simple things can make you happy.

Now? Time is starting to crawl.

Maybe to kill some time I’ll assemble new batch of assets to release. Reverie. All is free.



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