It’s getting colder

December 18, 2015   in category: Blog  

All right, first of all – new idea of work pipeline fucking sucks. Making several projects at once to gain more knowledge during one and actively implement new solutions in the rest sounds good only in theory. In reality you end up frustrated with shitload of unfinished stuff and nothing to update. I’m fucking stuck with several dozen unfinished models, lots of new textures, and the less said about maps construction the better -_-.


Building Wireframe - Of Secrets“More effective experience with engine” my ass, what a load of horseshit. Yes, you can improve all the stuff simultaneously, but to hell with that. Never again, It’s ridiculous that so much cool stuff is sitting in a drawer. Time to put few current things together and  focus on one thing at the time, new ideas are getting more and more complicated.



Cig - Of Secrets


It feels weird how from different perspective 3 minutes look like something unachievable now. Not to mention slowly falling into fucking oblivion. At least – found semi-new photo couple of weeks ago, so there’s that. Sigh.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, severing limbs, sculpting nightmares and slowly experimenting with motion. Enough for today, it’s damn middle of the night again.

3 a.m., middle of December, time to take a break and survive fucking christmas. I think I’ll take a ride with my old road warrior before the trip. It’s getting colder.


Quick Look - Of Secrets


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