New Year

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Welcome 2016


Let’s take a quick look at last year. Since May site gathered over 3 000 pageviews and currently clocks at about 60 visitors per week from all around the world. Most popular posts were Perihelion, What a Lovely Day and Creative use of 3D Skyboxes in SFM (I need to make more of those). DeviantArt page was viewed over 1,700 times, images gathered over 150 favourites, with Team Trouble having the most. Steam likes went over 60, highest rated were Abandoned Palace, While Waiting and again What a Lovely Day. My models submitted to Steam Workshop has been subscribed by almost 1 100 people.

I think this is quite nice for a start 🙂


What’s new? Moving on to more advanced and complicated scene building went smooth. Now, with first steps in new fields I won’t be able to do as many tricks with lighting and perspective as in my previous static works. With multiple points of view suddenly props preparation and proper ambient light distribution became crucial. But making new static renders still will be fun for sure.


Selfie Cam 2 - Of Secrets

What else? Working with SFM timeline and keyframing my own creations is just pure fucking joy and gives me an insight into how all hard and unused work on bone rigging and facial flexes may pay off in the future. I can’t stop smiling to myself looking at the first moving test results and can’t even imagine what I will do with all this stuff. Hopefully something good.


Even though last year had a lot of sour, unpleasant situations, I would love to relive it again (well, maybe without few moments, but still). So many unforgettable moments.


 New Year.

That means more knowledge to gain, more projects to do, more creation. Fuck yeah. Still far from perfection though.

Also, I just can’t fucking wait for the days to come, it’s been too long.


Winter Evening - Of Secrets



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