One done, two to go

July 31, 2015   in category: Blog  , ,

Palace of Culture "Energetik" in Source – Of Secrets


One building in my very first made from scratch map done, two more to go. Interiors were real chore to build, structure of this monstrosity is really weird and hard to recreate from photos. Also I should write some short blog entry about optimizing maps and func_detail usage. Now the thing compiles in 5 minutes, and at the beginning I had to wait 2 hours to have engine ready file. So much wasted time because I didn’t went through whole documentation, dammit.


Got extremely inspired and had to test out first build before revisions tonight. Even though I felt tired as fuck yesterday, tonight all tiredness is gone. It’s weird. I like it! And also can’t fucking stop smiling, at all :).


But I think I’ll grab some more sleep today and won’t stay up as usual, shitload of things to do this weekend again. So, 2 a.m., signing out :P.


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