Rainy evening

July 18, 2015   in category: Blog  

Hamsters – Of Secrets

A little break from building ruins, after all reworked model need some attention too, if it suppose to fit in next batch of images. BTW, isn’t it just beatiful evening starter right fucking there? Cheers Noah!!! 🙂


ClusterfuckAnd this week, fuck… This gif, as miss Agnes would agree, sums up last week at work perfectly – what a murderous and tiring clusterfuck of information soaked with cigarettes smoke and coffee :). And i still have shitload of other work to do, damn. Well, saturday is for rest and having fun, I will worry tomorrow.

Rainy evening, loud thunders, purple highlights, BEAUTIFUL lightnings… this night is generous to me. Vodka bottle is almost empty – time to wreck some havoc.

And fuck it, I’m drunk so this goes to ‘featured’ too.



“- You still want to go by stairs?
– Yes, yes indeed I do.
– But now there’s… but why?

I just remember April 24th, that’s all 😀

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