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Zombie Phobic Main Screen – Of Secrets


Even though slightly time consuming, they are A LOT of fun! Basically using SFM with custom edited, textured and hexed models on green screen, and about 90 royalty free photos of dirt, marbles, cobblestones, grass and rocks, I provided whole graphic design to the first bigger mobile game of a  friend – and had a shitload of fun with it. I think my work added some great atmosphere to this top view shooter – it’s even slightly left4deadish.


Zombie Phobic - Wave One – Of Secrets

Zombie Phobic - Grass Field – Of Secrets

Zombie Phobic - Attack – Of Secrets

Zombie Phobic - Credits – Of Secrets


It’s on iOS though, too bad I can’t see it in action for longer – I’m more Android kind of guy. Interested can check it out on Zombie Phobic site on iTunes

Vodka and NIN = perfectAnd I got paid  by Author with vodka – thanks man, it was great addition to make cheers during work on other current stuff :). Cheers Noah, damn! And watching Nine Inch Nails Live AATCHB with that bottle was really relaxing. I have no idea, why my neighbours didn’t murder me yet for listening to loud music at 2 a.m.

Can’t wait for next collab, I think we may create something special. And I think I may be ok with payment in vodka again :P.


And 2 days ago, my car died during annual control. And now it’s on mechanical ER. I hope everything will end well and old road warrior will get back up on it’s wheels and we will cross the roads of wasteland again, in search for precious gasoline.

I don’t want a new car. I always refused to buy another one and I will stay with my little green monster till the end – because I love that mother fucker like my own child. Even when I crashed whole front I choose to repair my machine instead of exchanging it for new, and costs were comparable.

We had together a lot of amazing rides. … Middle of the night rides. … Slow, following rides… Come back to life my friend, I can’t imagine we won’t hit batshit insane speeds through the empty city at 2 a.m. again.


Now… let’s get back to the other things. There’s so much stuff done through last weeks
it’s about time to put eveyrthing together 🙂


Weird – Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha


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