The Sound of Forgetting

May 7, 2016   in category: Blog  

I miss breaks every hour. Careful observations. Long, slow, lonely search rides at 3 a.m. Counting pixels on the seams. Listing bus stops, timing and figuring out the paths. Staying at work till midnight. Turning my head every time. Standing in freezing cold for half an hour in the evening, waiting. Seeing hand putting down cigarette. Quick looks. First smile. Every other smile. Lurking from the dark. Accidentally hitting the door with my forehead. “Good night“s and “good morning“s. Little green square turning yellow. Sound of the heels on the stairs. Hamsters. Hand in back pocket. Long walks through desolated streets at dawn. Shivers down my spine.

I miss “I was wondering when this will happen“.
I miss “It’s the most fucking awesome thing I have ever seen“.
I miss “I missed You” right off the fucking bat.
But to be honest. I miss fucking everything.

There’s not much left.


Of Secrets - Empty Streets

Empty streets.
Empty places.
Empty seat.


 Now, where was I?


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