Welcome 2017

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Welcome 2017

And 2016, go fuck yourself.


Let’s check out the stats. Even though I published a lot less material through 12 months than year before, since 1st of January site was visited over 6 200 times by guests from all around the globe, with average 120 visitors per week. Ok, now I feel slighlty ashamed I haven’t made more stuff.

Most popular content was: Interview Selfie, Perihelion and The Crimson Thicket. DeviantArt page was viewed over 1 300 times through the year, artwork gathered adiditonal total of 53 favourites, with A Minute to Breath being most favoured in 2016. Considering smaller amount of images this looks pretty good. Steam likes went up for about 40 more, and highest rated in 2016 are A Minute to Breath, Out of the Fire and The Crimson Thicket. All time highest ranking still belongs to What a Lovely Day. Models sumbitted to Steam Workshop are subscribed by… over 5 000 people – nice! 🙂

Polissya Rooftop - Of Secrets

Pixel after pixel, polygon after polygon, line of code after line of code and… 2,5 years already? I like to test my work in many forms, kind of a kick towards being more creative. It’s a poor replacement for real, everyday inspiration, but that’s better than nothing.

“She always seem disturbingly happy in the darkest places”.  Yes, indeed. That’s a pretty spot on comment.

I’m going towards end of one big, complicated build, progress on that stopped for too many months mid-year. Then I’ll need some time for one small, minimalistic vanity project. And for now I’ll stick to SFM for a little while. But lack of skills development is not my kind of thing, I need more knowledge and wider abilities.

So I already locked new year commitment for myself. Something ambitious. All right, Unreal Engine 4 – show me what ya got.