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Drinks and Modelling – Of Secrets


Let’s see – topology on new model looks great for applying flexes and expressions. First tests of basic emotion deformations went easily. And they look very nice. In motion too. Higher polycount shows I guess.


Sip – Of SecretsNow I’m pretty sure HWM facial workflow will be easier to achieve, G.Revzin’s documentation about it is fucking mental in places. Big question is – will wrinklemaps will work this time around? :X They are crucial to make proper skin stretches on cheeks during mouth movement, especially full-fledged smile.

But for now – polygon nose wrinkling looks just like it should.


Some little touches here and there and very first export into SFM gives idea, how exactly new mesh will react to light.

Ann – Of Secrets

4 months have passed since last week of April. I think I’m doing pretty well, compared to first works. Still fucking far from perfection though.

It seems like creative challenges I’m taking on are getting easier and easier to beat, and that  there’s not many of them left…
nah, who am I kidding. There are still unknown grounds to conquer,  in the wild frontier, off the beaten track.



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