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God bless Blender!

 July 3, 2015

Neons – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

Shit, i almost lost all my 3D signs for current work! It’s unbelivable that I was able to recover whole stuff by decompiling my test exports and just rebuilding smooth groups. Few years back, with idtech4 and 3DS it would be impossible and all hard work would be lost, but now recovery only took 30 mins, phew! Back on track, first buidling architecture seems perfect in sizing – but I always had ruler in the eye :). Now, where’s my vodka?

Slowly moving forward

 July 2, 2015

Progress – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

Still learning Source Hammer. VBSP details turned out to be extremely powerful tool, bringing amazing details to desolated areas. I wonder if good option right off the bat will be hexing all the models and retexturing them, so they can be later included with my first map.