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Concrete Relics

 December 3, 2016

Where nature reclaim it's territory - Of Secrets

Where nature reclaims it’s territory.

Eyes Black

 September 8, 2016

Eyes Black - Of Secrets

We go out in the morning
Down the trail to somewhere

The Sound of Forgetting

 May 7, 2016

Of Secrets - Empty Streets

I miss many things.


 April 22, 2016

Irredeemable - Of Secrets



 March 18, 2016

Marks - Of Secrets



 February 3, 2016

Smile - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

I’m really tired of everything lately.

Dreams of Reverie

 January 11, 2016

Lost Photograph - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

It’s about time to jump back into Hammer again.

New Year

 January 1, 2016

Selfie Cam 2 - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

Let’s take a quick look at last year.

It’s getting colder

 December 18, 2015

Cig - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

All right, first of all – new idea of work pipeline fucking sucks. (…)


 November 1, 2015

Chains and Art - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

Tired of people. Xenomorphs would be more suitable company.

Late Hours

 October 13, 2015

Wreath - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

I shouldn’t drink beer at this hour, but making backups of assets back and forth is boring as hell.

Back from the dead

 September 24, 2015

No One is Calm - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

My machine is back! You scared me a little my dear, rusty friend.