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Back from the dead

 September 24, 2015

No One is Calm - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

My machine is back! You scared me a little my dear, rusty friend.

Side projects are fun!

 September 19, 2015

Zombie Phobic Artwork - Main Screen - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

Even though slightly time consuming, they are a lot of fun!


 August 28, 2015

Null - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

Dimmed lighting

 August 25, 2015

Dimmed Lighting - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

Materials seem to react very nicely not only to enviromental ambient lighting but also pointed animation set.

Wrinkled nose

 August 20, 2015

Drinks and 3D Modelling - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

Topology on new model looks great for applying flexes and expressions. First tests of basic emotion deformations went easily. And they look very nice.


 August 13, 2015

Mask - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

I think I can finally say I’m at home.

One done, two to go

 July 31, 2015

Palace of Culture "Energetik" in Source - Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha

One building in my very first made from scratch map done, two more to go. Interiors were real chore to build, structure of this monstrosity is really weird and hard to recreate from photos.

Old art

 July 21, 2015

Energetik Mural – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

It took way too long to recreate this piece of painting as a texture. But… definetly worth it.

Rainy evening

 July 18, 2015

Hamsters – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

A little break from building ruins, after all reworked model need some attention too, if it suppose to fit in next batch of images.

BTW, isn’t it just beatiful evening starter right fucking there? Cheers Noah!!! 🙂 (…)


 July 12, 2015

Energetik Neon – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

Took a little break for last few days to regenerate vital forces and organize stuff with new living place. Still I couldn’t resist to built just a little bit more.

And this weekend… was just plain awesome, I haven’t felt so good for a long, long time :). Tomorrow back to skybox props and retexturing!

Just like the old times

 July 9, 2015

Energetik Entrance – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

I almost forgot how much fun and satisfaction brings building my own worlds. Texture after texture, sprite after sprite, model after model, brush after brush, everything from scratch.

It’s 4 a.m. … again? Hah, just like the old times indeed.

Reworking and detailing assets

 July 5, 2015

Voskhod – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

In the heat of the night. In the heat of the day. This thing is getting more and more complex with every day, but results look better and better. This will be definetly the biggest project I’ve done and I’m getting afraid that ambition may outgrow my skills – if the process of making things like these takes teams of professionals years… will I be able to finish mine on my own, in relatively short time?


Of course I fucking will.