2 ghosts I – nine inch nails music video

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Short music video for nine inch nails “2 ghosts I” track from Ghosts I-IV album

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View “2 Ghosts I” on YouTube

View “2 Ghosts I” on Vimeo


Music video was rendered using idTech4 engine (Doom 3). All content is custom, made by me.

Every single asset you can see there was made from scratch, using custom models made in 3DS Max and custom textures with additional details extracted from Open Footage stock materials.

You can read more about creation of the video in linked article below, written by David Edwards of Creative-Resolve:

­2 ghosts I – Creative Resolve article



Free assets for download

You can also download all the assets for free for editing/learning ot just curiosity by visiting dedicated download pages:

­2 ghosts I – full mod

­2 ghosts I – texture pack

­2 ghosts I – character pack

­2 ghosts I – props pack

­2 ghosts I – maps/cameras pack

­2 ghosts I – Sikkpin’s Shader Pack

­2 ghosts I – GUI’s


or from EMZ site – thanks to the kindness of project Admin, Simulation.




I wanted to thank Brian Trepanier for all wonderful videos explaining every single thing I needed with amazing details and ongoing support with many modeling issues I had, der_ton for creating exporter/importer doing miracles, obihb for enormous help with 3dsmax-D3 issues, Mordenkainen for awesome materials he made and which taught me a lot, rich_is_bored for creating and caring about modwiki database, which helped me with a lot of stuff, Sikkpin for amazing job on pushing idtech4 engine to the limits before source code release and ongoing support with basic knowledge of tweaking shaders, simulation for wonderful explanation how blending between two different sets of materials works, The Happy Friar for interesting and enlightening thread responses about capturing video through avigame command and great particles I modified for dust puffs inside the base, and all D3W community for all the discussions and help I received :).



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