[ idtech4 ] 2 ghosts I – Sikkpin’s Shader Pack

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This package contains Sikkpins Sikkmod Test Release 4, crucial part of 2 ghosts I machinima and the main reason it looks so nice in places.


­Download ZIP file [ 1,81 MB ]


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­PK4 files are just standard archives – they can be unpacked with f.e. WinRAR.

­NOTE: These files will be interesting for idtech4 modders only.

Even if TR4 is still downloadable, Cook-Torrance interaction.vpf was included and slightly modified to make more relief steps (better relief mapping) and postprocess.mtr settings of contrast, brightness, tint were tweaked to suit the video. Sikkpin was such a nice person that he took his time and helped me throughout with programming shader correctly to achieve effects i wanted.

Without these packs You won’t be able to recreate the visual stunning Sikkpins effects. Without his mod my machinima would look even more like ass. You can check the look with standard VD3 shaders and with Sikkpins mod. The difference you’ll see… yeah, exactly, ’nuff said.


Files are hosted on Enhanced Militarized Zone D3 mod site, thanks to Simulation, leader of the project.

Assets are completely free to use in any way, shape or form.



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