[ idtech4 ] 2 ghosts I – props pack

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This pack contains all the map objects You see in the music video, such as cabinets, paper holders, keyboards, screens, chairs and other junk. The only ones excluded are the ones used by character – wrench, helmet and photograph. The MD5 ones have md5anim files used in animation, so you’ll see them in uncanny positions after importing into 3d app.


­Download ZIP file [ 14,1 MB ]


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­PK4 files are just standard archives – they can be unpacked with f.e. WinRAR.

­NOTE: ASE files need to have material path being rewritten with the main mod folder they are included in. So in order to use them in Vanilla D3 You’ll have to edit every single one of them with notepad and change phrase in material path – from ‘2ghosts1’ to ‘base’. Same goes for different names of different mod folders.

Files are hosted on Enhanced Militarized Zone D3 mod site, thanks to Simulation, leader of the project.

Assets are completely free to use in any way, shape or form.

They MAY BE ported to SFM if someone will send request, but it all depends on what will look good enough in completely different engine – after all they were created with idtech4 in mind.



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