[ idtech4 ] 2 ghosts I – maps/cameras pack

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This pack contains all the maps and cameras used there, for Your idtech4 modders guilty pleasure of checking out everything, lets say, backstage.


­Download ZIP file [ 88,5 MB ]


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­PK4 files are just standard archives – they can be unpacked with f.e. WinRAR.

­NOTE: These files will be interesting for idtech4 modders only.

There are also few alternate takes if You want to check them out, only the path to the md5camera file has to be changed in *.def and map *.script files. This pack is only recommended if You want to see all the scenes in real time and/or to see how shaderparms, triggers and other Doom 3 editor features were used.

To load map type in console command:

map finished/sc001a_p1

the rest is named in the same fashion, you just have to replace last number, i.e. map finished/sc002, map finished/sc003 etc. Intro scene map is named finished/screen. Some of them doesn’t include md5cameras, because they were recorded “by hand”.

Files are hosted on Enhanced Militarized Zone D3 mod site, thanks to Simulation, leader of the project.

Assets are completely free to use in any way, shape or form.



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