Combine Morning [ HL2 ]

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HL2 – Combine Morning – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha


This is the first thing i exported from SFM. While it’s not some mind-blowing poster, i like how there’s something slightly disturbing in the air – when you look in those black, dead eye sockets of Combine Police.


HL2 – Combine Morning Pre Vis – Of Secrets

Basic setup from the scene before Camera Animation Set Adjustment

At first i was considering using great Metro Police Pack by DeviantPictures, but their remodeled combine mask was too smooth and oval for this particular snapshot. After exporting the image i played around a little bit in Photoshop with levels, curves and additional layers of detail.

More texture was added to the cloth on the arms, and there’s additional pass of dirt on window in the background. Original image was also slightly tilted, so i adjusted and transformed whole thing – so the frames of the window and side of the block in the background would be more vertical. Worn out details on the mask turned out very nicely, it looks almost like an old porcelain. Also properly placed light entity outside fenced window to highlight rims of the mask adds a lot more to the feel of a sundawn.

HL2 – Combine Morning Lighting – Of Secrets

Setup before and after adding light entity

Special care was put to make building in the back visible with DoF set pretty high and focus placed right on the mask. Now, when i know few more tricks, i would propably put a lot more of them there by manually placing skyportal models. Blocks like that are pretty common sight here in Poland.

Other than that – image boring as hell, buuuuuut… can make quite a nice wallpaper, ammirite?



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Map used: sfm_d1_trainstation_04.bsp (updated version avaible at SFM Lab)
Additional Detail: Dirty Walls V from Open Footage
Render Settings: 1920×1080 | DoF : Animation Set Camera Default | Motion Blur: Animation Set Camera Default
Accompanying music: Aphex Twin – Cliffs


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