Year One

October 3, 2015   in category: Gallery  , ,

Year One – Of Secrets - Maciej Małocha


Little anniversary tonight.

Exactly one year ago everything changed. Turned around. Transformed. Just like that, in a matter of minutes, during lonely evening smoke at work. There was something missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the fuck it was. Missing 3 days in a row. And then it felt like a… struck of lightning – realizing what it was. Exactly one year ago there was a new beginning. And now, exactly 365 days later, history repeats itself.  However, it’s not my beginning this time :).

365 days and since then every single one with one constant inside the head. Feels damn good. I hope it will never end. Months later, “You need a ride? It’s along my way.”

Bottoms up for mad and insane! Someday we’ll burn this world to the fucking ground. :]


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Map used: Recompiled cs_kvartal.bsp (original available for download here)
Additional Detail: Open Footage
Render Settings: 1920×1080 | DoF : 24 samples | Motion Blur: 24 samples | Shutter Speed: 0.02
Accompanying music: Hi Finesse – The Wolf (extended)


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