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TF2 – Hammer Time – Of Secrets

Testing of different new teniques continues with this image. The character seen here is not accidental – it’s a portrait of a steam friend in her current TF2 load-out, including gold MvM medigun i gave her as a present long time ago. Her nickname is, obviously, Hammer – hence the title of the poster.


TF2 – Hammer Time Model Combining – Of Secrets

Bone scale function came in handy and saved me from compiling-decompiling model

This time i did little experiment with realtively new SFM bone scale operator functions – i mixed standard medic model (top of the body) with Shaylyn Hamm’s Female Medic model legs by simply scaling down body parts i wanted to hide. It looks pretty good (though on closer inspection a little bit of male medic junk can be seen near the waist :)).

I also did real quick and simple update of the legs texture by adding grey stockings – and make them look more interesting. Custom skin can be downloaded by clicking here. Low resolution of the gibs textures wasn’t big deal, since with camera aperture set pretty high they got nicely blurred out. The spine in ripped off soldier head is actually Bat Outta Hell weapon, slightly scaled to make the skull hide inside head mesh.

Background didn’t look very interesting, so i placed additonal rocks skyportal models to fill the gap, and their ominous sharp fins fit the bloody theme perfectly. Inside PS there wasn’t much to do. Slightly adjusted levels brought more color to the image, i manually added the moon (since editing skybox texture wouldn’t provide good enough quality) along with slight bloom cloud enlightening a little bit of hood and arm.

Lot of blood decals were added using, again, blood splatters made by dead-brushes – for instance big stain behind Pyro’s body. All, that had to be done, was to keep an eye on their blur to make it fit with the rest of the image. The logo of Miss Hammer’s YT channel on the clothes was also added in PS – mesh with modified texture unfortunately deformed it’s thin details too much.

I guess it’s a nice “thank you” from me for drunk late night talks :).


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Map used: cp_manor_event.bsp (standard halloween event map)
Render Settings: 1920×1080 | DoF : 24 samples | Motion Blur: 24 samples


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