Left 4 Drunks [ L4D/L4D2 ]

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L4D L4D2 – Left 4 Drunks – Of Secrets – Maciej Małocha

Yeah… this is what happens when You want to make a poster while drunk as hell by drinking beer and vodka in the easter morning. Overall – clusterfuck of epic proportions. From what i remember – in PS i just made few additional shadows for the bottles, blended more detail to flat looking floor and of course pasted Hunter’s amazing work of art on Ellis cheek. Oh brother, it was fun to make this thing, especially when @nnie was feeding me on chat some great EBM she was using in her DJ sets, classics!

Poster made with our small group od drunk gamers in mind – cheers Noah!


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Map used: c3m1_plankcountry.bsp (included in Left 4 Dead 2 Compatibility Pack)
Additional Detail: Concrete II from Open Footage
Render Settings: 1920×1080 | DoF : 24 samples | Motion Blur: 24 samples
Accompanying music: And One – Military Fashion Show (thx @nnie!)


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