Year Two

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Year Two - Of Secrets


Another 3rd of October, another little anniversary today.

Such a short period of time. So many things have changed.


Two and a half years in new department. So much time completely fucking wasted. Lost almost everything. It’s easy to blame people who made decisions, or even everyone around you. But the truth is – it’s my own fucking fault. Decisions about staying, leaving, working more than required, derailement. What now? I’ll stand up, admit mistakes and fight on.


On the other hand – I wonder, how everything would have turned out without changing work space and moving from building to building. Most propably the 3rd of October wouldn’t have brought so much life into empty places. I wouldn’t notice something missing during cold evening. I wouldn’t wake up from stagnation to live again, to feel happiness. Through next few months I learned more than I did through a decade. After countless hours, days, weeks reached the goal. But still see that moment as a starting point.

It’s kind of astounding we noticed each other for a split second right there at the beginning, way before October. I remember that brief moment as clear as day. Memory is a funny thing.


 So many things have changed. Yet my constant still remains. As alive as ever.




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Map used: Custom scene build.
Additional Detail: Open Footage
Render Settings: 1920×1080 | DoF : 24 samples | Motion Blur: 24 samples | Shutter Speed: 0.002
Accompanying music: Foo Fighters – Down in the Park


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