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Few random household props I made to warm up in Blender after little break.

Household Props - Of Secrets


The texturing and rigging may not be perfect, but for scene building they can make kind of interesting additions.

The items in pack are:

  • Powerstrip with electric can – everything is rigged to move and scale, including cable
  • Wooden cupboard with baskets – baskets are rigged
  • Stickies box – additionaly there is small sewing thread roll, two separate sticky cards and two batteries – all rigged
  • Items composite containing: Photo frame, small christmas bell, translucent butterfly ornament, flask and ladybug shaped hook for keys. Each item is bodygrouped – can be turned on/off. Fox stickers on frame are bodygrouped too and can be removed if needed. There are also three photo skins.
  • Christmas bauble in two variants – single item and breakeable with rigged parts. Each variant has 6 skins – clear smooth red, green and yellow and glitter red, yellow and silver. Colors are programmed via tint in VMT, so they can be edited into any different color by simply changing RGB values inside material files.


All reflective surfaces use my generic enviroment map, edit VMT materials files to change them to env_cubemap if needed.

There’s also few basic textures included which can be used in Hammer for map building.


Random Household Props - Of Secrets



­­Download from SFMLab [ 4 MB ]

­­Subscribe from Steam Workshop [ 4 MB ]


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