[ SFM ] Infected Survivors Skins

May 8, 2015   in category: Files, textures  , , ,

These are Left 4 Dead Infected Survivors Skins i made for Team Trouble poster, using amazing splatter templates created by dead-brushes.

­­Download ZIP file [ 50,7 MB ]


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These are not model hexes – materials will override default textures. VTF’s should be placed in

[SFM directory]/[left4deaddirectory]/materials/models/survivors/[Respective Name of The Survivor].

Remember to make backup of original files!

Be aware that if you have at least 2 left4dead files directories you have to make sure the survivor material files are present in only one of those – somehow SFM will load original textures if they will be present in other mounted folder.

To get fogged iris working VMT eyes material files should be edited by changing name of the iris (for example brown_iris) with “zombie_iris”



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